An Insiders Guide to Sport Around the World

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Every country has a sport you simply must check out while traveling. In between museum visits, city tours, and fine dining make sure you carve out time to take in a cricket or football game. This will take some serious planning ahead if you want to take in a popular sport or see a certain team. Make sure you research ticket information as soon as you decide on a trip.
Just because you’re a die-hard footballer doesn’t mean an afternoon watching a country or region’s beloved sport won’t be incredible. Being engulfed in the locals’ enthusiasm can make a good vacation a great one. Much like different contractor software, every place is unique. Check out these must-see sports around the world.
When traveling to India or Pakistan, a cricket match is a must. The India Cricket League (ICL) has an astounding following and a game between Pakistan, Australia, South Africa or England at the world famous Lord’s Cricket Ground is sure to be memorable. 

South Korea boasts a fantastic football team, Korea Republic, and has qualified for eight FIFA World Cup finals.
The Japanese also love their football but hold a special place in their heart for baseball. However, for a real cultural treat, the national sport is sumo wrestling. If you’re lucky enough to travel to Japan, indulging in a wrestling competition is nearly a requirement.
Central America

Football is also the most popular sport in Costa Rica, and on game days you can hear cheers and cries throughout the streets. However, on the beaches, surfing is a serious contender. Go to Jaco Beach, which hosts global surf competitions. Of course, no tickets are necessary on the sand.

Volleyball is a big deal in Panama, and the national team of Panama placed in the 2011 NORCECA championship. Nicaragua boasts boxing and basketball as favoured sports. Women’s boxing is becoming increasingly popular throughout Central America, and if you get a chance to take in a match, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Many countries in Africa consider football the most popular sport. It’s common to see children kicking around a handmade “football,” and South Africa hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup. However, cricket is also a favorite throughout the continent. 

Rugby comes in a close third, and the South African national team, The Springboks, can really draw a crowd. The team most recently achieved stardom by winning the 2007 Rugby World Cup. However, if you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path in Africa, running is a big sport, and taking in a track meet is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius was the country’s first double amputee to compete in track in the 2012 Olympics and has helped to create buzz for the sport.

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