Emirates A380 Dubai To Manchester Business Class Review

Posted by Mike Dodgson on Saturday, September 17, 2016 Under: Travel
If you ever wanted a little taste of luxury in your life then travelling Business Class on Emirates is typifies the whole word. The Emirates experience is excellent from start to finish and great service throughout. 


Dedicated check in lanes are reserved for those travelling on Business or First Class, or you’re a Emirates Gold or Silver frequent flyer member, take advantage of this especially if you are preparing to turn up to the airport early as the economy lanes can get pretty full with plenty of passengers on the A380. Once you’re through the check-in area and security you can make your way to the lounge.

The Business Class Lounge

The lounges at Dubai Airport are ridiculous, I mean ridiculous! I wouldn’t even call them lounges to be honest as they occupy the whole top floor of whatever terminal you’re flying from. The best thing about the Business Class lounges at Dubai is that you can access your gate directly from there which is pretty cool, no need to mess around trying to find the gate again, you can just put down your beer and away you go! Careful not to enjoy the facilities too much though as you will not always hear your gate-closing announcement. 


There are lots of food and drink areas around the lounge offering standard stuff like pastries and other bits-and-bobs like cold sandwiches and some hot food. The food isn’t brilliant and it feels a bit like it’s just knocked up and churned out 24/7, which is probably what it is, having said that it’s free and they are catering for a lot of people so I shouldn’t complain too much and there is definitely something for everyone.

Dubai is the only place in the world where they let their silver frequent flyer members into the lounge, this is great that they do this and they certainly have the space, however it means that there are a lot of passengers in and around the lounges so it takes away that little bit of exclusivity that you would find with other Emirates business class lounges. As long as you find a seat somewhere with a cold drink and a few snacks then you are good to go, the best bit is coming up…

The Flight

As you walk onto the plane from your dedicated gangway, your excitement starts to intensify, the upper deck of any A380 aircraft is pretty good, but there’s something special about an Emirates A380-800. As you turn right into Business Class (left for first) you will see a beautifully formed 1-2-1 formation of luxury pods just waiting for you to occupy. All the amenities are ready for you including a seat that reclines into a bed, a huge screen that can be controlled by a tablet or remote, a fold out table with ample room to eat or work, and a little mini-bar complete with water and soft drinks, awesome! I was sat at a window but before the flight I had a look at changing my seat but quickly realised that there’s really no need, every seat is fantastic and you will have to be pretty picky to want to sit somewhere else. However if you’re travelling on your own, it does make sense to try and get a window seat rather than one in the middle but that’s normal I guess. 

A glass of champagne on arrival and away we go, the service on Emirates is always pretty good and they make a point of introducing themselves to you and explaining the functionality of the seat which is a nice touch. 

Once you’re in the air you can sit back and enjoy the array of films on offer via the huge widescreen, or you might even want to head to the bar at the back of the cabin to enjoy a drink, stretch out, or mingle with some fellow passengers. The bar is an amazing touch that not all of the airlines have chosen to adopt on the A380, I think it’s such a unique proposition that Emirates have with this and it’s a cracking way to have a few drinks without embarrassingly call for service every 15 minutes!

The Food

A 3 course meal comes as standard on any Emirates business class flight, on the Dubai to Manchester flight we had a lunch service where I enjoyed an Arabic mezze to start, lamb loin for main and cheesecake for dessert which were all excellent. I heard somebody around me muttering to themselves about the quality which I couldn’t believe my ears to be honest! 


I got my bags quickly off the carousel and was swiftly taken by my chauffeur and was on my way home (complimentary for all business and first class passengers which is an amazing service) after a world class flight on-board Emirates’ A380 aircraft from Dubai to Manchester. If you can afford this or you have enough points on Emirates Skywards or with Qantas to upgrade then I would highly recommend that you try this, the only bad thing is, it will leave you wanting more every time you fly!

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