How to Beat Rafa Nadal

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The answer to this question is something that players and ex-pros have pondered for a few years now. Many have compared Nadal to a machine or hitting against a brick wall, whatever you do, those tennis balls will definitely be coming back to you to hit another shot. Maybe the secret isn’t as difficult as we thought, just hit the ball hard. 
That’s what world number 100 Lukas Rosol did on Thursday night at Wimbledon on Centre Court, if you hit a ball hard enough at a wall, you’re going to find the holes sooner or later. The problem is many people have tried and failed by producing an early intensive barrage towards the Spaniard, only to be left wounded and deflated by Nadal’s speed, defence and retaliation. 

Let’s put this into perspective, Rosol had the game of his life and hardly missed, whereas Nadal had an rare off-day, he was hitting the ball way to short and allowing the Czech to step in and pick his spot with unreal power and precision. At one point Rosol hit a 93mph forehand winner, no player in the world can deal with that.
So how do you beat Rafa? Hit it hard and hope you have a good day! The cynics would probably disagree and suggest there is far more guile involved than just lumping the ball to your opponent, but why? It’s something Robin Soderling did in 2009 when he knocked Nadal out of the French Open for the first time in 5 years, the difference then and now, Soderling was ranked 25 in the world at the time, Rosol is ranked considerable lower, 99 places lower to be exact.

No doubt this defeat will hurt for Rafa, but he is a true champion and a gentleman, you saw that when he picked up his opponents racket after shaking hands and the net then signing autographs whilst walking off court. The mark of a true champion in sport is repeating the high level of performance time and time again, that’s why he’s won 11 major titles. Time will tell if Rosol can recreate his stunning performance from under the Centre Court roof.

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