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I’ll be honest, I don’t understand the fuss about 3D technology. Unless it improves rapidly within the next couple of years, I really can’t see it taking off at all.
This week the BBC announced that the Olympic opening ceremony and 100m final will both be shown in 3D, great! I’m sure that the news will provide no comfort whatsoever to all the millions of people who failed to get tickets and watch the games in 4D! Of course, the BBC wants to provide the best possible coverage, and as Roger Mosey (BBC’s Director of London 2012) wrote in his blog on the BBC website, the TV coverage will aim to be as innovative as the games itself. Don’t get me wrong, the BBC always provides first class coverage for their sporting events, however, it’s hard to see how they’re not flogging a dead horse with this. According to the tech website 3D Focus, only 18,000 people watched the Wimbledon semi finals and Wimbledon final, and I’d place a huge bet that the majority would have only been watching out of sheer curiosity. 
There are 3 issues with 3D TV, the first is that you have to have 3D television to be able to watch it, though, the BBC have said they will be broadcasting 3D on their HD channel (as they did with Wimbledon). Whether it’s HD or 3D, in times of economic austerity, you won’t find people rushing out to buy a new state-of-the-art television any time soon, let alone 5 pairs of 3D glasses for the whole family. Problem number 2 is that 3D TV doesn’t work for everything, unlike the switch to high-definition which makes the viewing experience incredibly fascinating with crystal clear images from the London skyline or Frozen Planet, but you won’t find people watching Eastenders in 3D so people can get that little closer to Dot Cotton. The 3rd issue is probably the most important; most people don’t want to wear the glasses! Granted I have no solid evidence for this, however I’m yet to meet anyone who enjoys sitting in their own home wearing a pair of stupid looking dark glasses whilst paying £80 for the privilege, and personally I also fall into this bracket. Having said that, Nintendo seem to have mastered 3D without the use of glasses with their popular Nintendo 3DS games console, so maybe we’re not far from ditching the glasses after all.
I may be forced to eat my words but for the moment I just can’t see it, and as I can’t get any tickets this summer, I’ll be watching the games’ coverage in 2D along with the other 99% of the population.

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