Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan wins 4th World Title

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It will be a sad day in snooker when Ronnie O’Sullivan retires, but as yet, nobody seems to be sure when that will be. Tonight he won his fourth World Championship at The Crucible Theatre amid more claims about his future in the sport.
He has threatened to quit the game on a number of occasions and for me each ‘hint’ of retirement becomes ever more boring, please change the record Ronnie, either hang up the cue or play on and entertain the fans like you have for the past 20 years. I guess it’s easy for me to say but I can’t help feel that this ‘tortured genius’ (as dubbed by the media) loves the attention and limelight more than the sport. As much as I admire his talents, the graceless way he conducts himself at times, puts him way below other great champions before him. 

Whereas the likes of Steven Hendry and Steve Davis plied their trade through graft and hard work, Ronnie’s career has been based on sheer talent and natural ability. Without doubt, O’Sullivan is probably the most gifted player to ever pick up a cue, however his reputation of cockiness and lack of respect for opponents and the game is starting to water down his achievements. Examples of the mastery and impertinence have been seen on the greatest stage of all, The Crucible. In 1996 he played a number of frames with his left hand, something that comes so easily for him and just one of the attributes that sets him apart from most other players. At the time being 20 years old it was hard to know if the display was one of immaturity of just pure ability, Alain Robidoux disagreed with the latter, refusing to shake O’Sullivan’s hand at the end of the match and sparking a war of words after. The following year he compiled the fastest ever maximum break (5 minutes and 20 seconds) in a first round demolition of Mick Price. No wonder the crowd love this guy.
Ronnie has his problems which are well documented, namely his battle with depression and drug use, however you just feel that he needs snooker more than he makes out, and snooker certainly needs him, it would unquestionably be a duller place without him.

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