Steve Kean Remains Buoyant

Posted by Mike Dodgson on Thursday, December 29, 2011 Under: Football
Steve Kean must be the most resilient man in football, or in any other profession for that matter. This week he has been receiving messages of support from his fellow managers, and why not. The abuse he suffered from Blackburn’s fans after they suffered defeat at home to Bolton was unbelievably cringe-worthy to watch, and it wasn’t nice viewing either, not like when you’re watching something like Borat or Bruno, where you look through your fingers at the TV but still laugh along. This was painful and something that no man or woman should go through in life, let alone the sporting arena.

You wouldn’t get that in any other profession would you? Imagine if you missed your target at work and the shareholders turned up at work calling you a w*nker! It’s ridiculous really in the grand scheme of things, but yet I still feel the fans frustration. The fans (or the shareholders in this example) are the one group of people who care most passionately about the results, they don’t care about corporate politics, key members of staff being unavailable or any other reason. They want the best for their club and if results aren’t going the way they expect, then heads must roll.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that the Kean is still fighting, forget all the rumours about pay-offs for getting sacked, anyone who takes that much abuse in a job without quitting deserves some credit. To go to Anfield after the Bolton result and get a draw was highly commendable and it shows that the players still want to fight for the manager. The true test will come this weekend when his Blackburn team travel to Old Trafford, if his side can produce a performance there then surly he will be given time in the January transfer window, and why can’t they get a result? Stranger things have happened in football.

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