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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is still over a year away, but here in Brazil, excitement and activity around the event continues to build at a fever pitch. Earlier fears that construction in the country was accident-plagued and slow-moving seem to have been put to rest, with the majority of venues and other infrastructure expected to be completed well in advance of summer 2014.
Infrastructure Investments
Since being named the host country in October 2007, Brazil has been making a concentrated effort to prepare its transportation infrastructure for the onslaught of visitors. Equipment rental companies across the country have their hands full supplying the necessary machinery to complete over £2 billion of renovations to airports in 10 of the 12 host cities.
Municipal transportation is being overhauled, too. Host cities São Paolo, Fortaleza and Salvador are all having their metro systems upgraded to offer direct service to each city's airport. Monorail and light rail systems are being built in Porto Alegre, Manaus, Cuiabá and Natal, and Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Recife and Rio are all implementing or expanding bus rapid transit lines to offer airport service.
Stadia Improvements
Of course, the stars of the show will be the newly built or upgraded stadia in the 12 host cities. At a cost of over £550 million, construction of most projects remains on track for 2014.
São Paolo: New Corinthians Stadium
Set to host the opening match and ceremonies, the New Corinthians Stadium in São Paolo will be the future home to SC Corinthians Paulista, one of the country's most popular football clubs. The new stadium, scheduled to open in December 2013, will seat 65,000 and will be partially powered by solar energy.
Rio: Maracanã Stadium
Rio's Maracanã Stadium, built the last time Brazil hosted the World Cup in 1950, will be undergoing significant renovations to host the closing match. A new cover is being built, as are new bleachers and a new parking garage. Development will also involve upgrading infrastructure in surrounding communities.
Works on stadia in Salvador, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza are all over 3/4 done. The Confederations Cup, a precursor to the World Cup to be held in June 2013, will be held in 4 to 6 of the 12 host cities; of those, only Recife looks to be in danger of not being ready in time.

Construction in Brazil has not been without its critics. A string of accidents in Rio has raised questions about whether or not the city will be adequately prepared to host the World Cup in 2014. As with in any developing country, bureaucracy and corruption are impeding development. Of course, we all remember hearing similar concerns about South Africa in the years leading up to the 2010 event, but in the end everything was completed on schedule. Only time will tell if history repeats itself in Brazil.


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